Harry Potter

  • 2018.05.02

Harry Potter – Test

A couple friends and I got together after our senior theses were over and did a short Harry Potter test! Camilo Castro: Lookdev/Lighter/Cloth Me: Animation/Facial Rigging Shreeya Shetye: Modeling Dani […]

  • 2016.03.12

The Sound of Harry Potter

** Best with Headphones ** The world of Harry Potter is an imaginative one, and the sound design goes a long way in selling the reality of the creatures, spells, and environments. This is a supercut o […]

  • 2013.03.15

Harry Potter: It All Ends

This is a video from a while back that I had made during the build up toward the final Harry Potter film. It is a visual recap of all the installments of the series. I apologize for the low video qual […]